About us

The pursuit of self-expression is the trend and nature. Shecustoms believes in this. Dressing up is not to cover up our shortcomings, but to show our most perfect side. This is our attitude towards life. Shecustoms not only sells products, but also conveys its own beauty philosophy to people.

Shecustoms sells various types of beauty products, with beauty accessories being the most popular. We provide affordable and reliable products to facilitate our customers' beauty needs. Of course, our top priority is always product quality. All products sold by Shecustoms are guaranteed by strict quality inspection at the factory, and our team is always using their professional skills to ensure quality and safety.

And customer demand is another aspect that we pay attention to. No matter who you are, as long as you come to Shecustoms, we will listen carefully to your voice. Over the years, Shecustoms has relied on the trust of customers to move forward step by step, and it also relies on the criticism and opinions of customers to improve itself little by little. Shecustoms will further expand the scope of product business in the future, accept more opinions, and invite more people to witness our growth.

Email: [email protected]shecustoms.com
Phone: +86 165 3679 6636
Address: No. 11, Minjiang East Road, 215500 Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, China  
9am - 5pm EST Monday to Friday